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January 23, 2012

Who will wake and when
I wonder
From our slumber, from our dreams?
To find our pasts
Distilled, unmasked
While underneath their beams

Where questions we had never asked
Played out behind our eyes
Of memories of memories
Of long-forgotten lies

Who will wake and when
I wonder
In sheets of sweat and tears
For further future failures
And unforgiving fears

Not that we will remember
Nor on our hearts impressed
No lessons learned
No stones unturned
No fires in our breasts

We will fumble in the embers
For the flames in which we burned
Away the dark
For fleeting sparks
Of spirits we have spurned

Who will wake and when
I wonder
As I while away the hours
With distant sun
Insistent on
A love that wasn’t ours

As I slip towards sleep
The half-light creeps
The shadows slowly stray
Your night recedes
Into the deeds
And duties of the day

We will pass upon the stairways
In sacred silent shells
For any word
Expressed or heard
Would shatter both our spells

Who will wake and when
I wonder
When the webs are whisked away?
Whose whispers will we welcome?
Whose hearts will we betray?

I meet you on the landing
Where our two storeys cross
You blush, I yawn
My dusk, your dawn
In mourning, at a loss

Who will wake and when
I wonder
In which world will we be free?
Will I wake once more in darkness
Or will the dark be waked in me?