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November 1, 2010
In the dark, the dreams will merge
With screams our pasts have failed to purge
And waking will the mist disperse?
Will words in verse dispel the curse?
For Sunday’s light has lost its hue
And left bereft the children who
Escaped their fates a time too brief
Return November’s fallen leaf


January 6, 2010

Clare looks on calmly as the fraggleplanks board
Fearful, they’ll clamber so their shit can be stored
In overhead lockers and under their places
Costumes all crammed into undersized cases

Rucksacks and backpacks and duty-free bags
Bargaintown prices for bargaintown rags
On guard by their luggage, yet ever alert
They move to their marks, every loudspeaker splurt

The arrival of stewards makes them leave where they sat
They form into queues at the drop of a hat
Coffin-ship scrambles for economy fares
Prairie-dog eyes seek convenient chairs

But this plane won’t take off in separate sections
It flies all at once after several inspections
So while they’re searching conveyor belts desperately
She’ll be leaving the airport unburdened and free

The clutter they carry, the seats that they chase.
They covet their neighbours, and long to change place
The emergency exits, the window or aisle
But Clare just brings teabags, and crisps, and a smile.